Friday, August 7, 2015

Upper Camp 2015

On Monday, June 29 I met my camp counselors for Upper Camp. I have three favorites they are Caroline, Olivia and Schuyler. Amanda and Andrea are the other counselors. We have swimming on Mondays and Thursdays. ☻

I met my Upper Camp counselors on the first Monday of camp. I learned how to ice skate. A Senior Girl taught me how to skate. She was a great teacher. I loved Ice Skating.☺

Soccer was okay. We had a terrible goalie so we lost. Then we started a new game, with all the girls and Junior Boys against Senior Boys. Our team won (I think we had more players). The worst part was when we were about to score a goal, but they blocked it. Playing soccer was enjoyable. ☻

I had a lot of fun on Superhero Day. We had to dress up as a superhero. (We could make up our own, too.) I dressed up as Awesome Andrea. We had duels. My favorite part was when I beat Bowyn in a duel. There wasn’t a worst part. I loved Superhero Day! ☺

David Levitin came to Upper Camp on Friday. I loved it. His new tricks were great! There wasn’t a worst part. I knew all of his old tricks. It was awesome having David Levitin at camp!☻
We have Color Wars every week. I’m on the red team. Last week we won. This time my team came in second place with green in first. We had trivia. Blue against red, and green against white. Same with songs. Josh put on a song and you have to guess what it’s called and who sings it. Color Wars is the best! ☺

We had Water Insanity for Color Wars on Friday. The first activity was where each team lines up so that one person is next to a big bucket of water and the person on the opposite side is next to a small bucket (that was empty). Everyone got a paper cup and the person next to the big bucket scoops water into it and pours it into the next person’s cup and so on. The first team to fill up the small bucket wins. The next water game was The Water Balloon Toss, where Josh called out a team and you found a partner from your team and each pair would get one water balloon and they threw it back and forth until only two pairs were left. Once all four teams have gone, the remaining eight pairs face each other. The team with the last pair standing wins. The last activity is where each team gets a PVC pipe with holes about as big as a kid’s big toe. Two counselors from each team are picked, and one holds up the pipe while the other fills up a small bucket and pours it into the pipe, while four children at a time plug the holes. The first team to fill the PVC pipe wins. I loved having Water Insanity for Color Wars. ☻

For the last day of Color Wars we had a Treasure Hunt and we also played Water Towers. Our team came in third place for the summer. We mixed up the order of the clues in the treasure hunt. It was unfair! Another team took one of our clues! In Water Towers, the person that held the cone that shapes the tower was horrible! ☺

My group did Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus for the camp show. I loved being on stage! There were three rows. I went from the middle, to the front, to the back. The worst part was when mom had to leave early. Being the first group to go was great! I loved doing and watching this great camp show! ☻

You can watch the entire show (with a much better angle) at: RyeTV (and I'm in the first performance).


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