Thursday, May 12, 2016

It's All Greek To Me

Class 3T performed It's All Greek To Me. We all read from stories we wrote about Greek mythology and we performed a little play.

See my story as well as more pictures and video below:

God of Jokes & Riddles

Jester! God of Jokes & Riddles Jester was a fine young man who loved to play pranks, and he was good at them, just like his father, Hermes. It was like Eros had shot him with an arrow and the first thing he saw was a prank. He also liked doing a little dark magic, just for fun, like his mother, Circe. He was raised by a traveler named PlĂ©on who had found him on Circe’s island.

When Jester was 18 years old he decided that he would go up to Mount Olympus and ask Zeus if he could be the 13th Olympian. He built himself a ship and set sail for Greece. It took him only 2 months to get there since he had prayed to Aeolus for good winds & to Poseidon for a calm sea. He spent almost half the trip figuring out what to say to Zeus when he got to Mount Olympus & finally decided.

When he got to Greece he immediately found a hiking stick and started up to Olympus. He was a strong young man but even he couldn’t hike that steep mountain, so after a while he sat down and caught his breath but he couldn’t keep going. Jester was about to fall asleep when he felt a strange “tap tap” on his shoulder. When he turned around there was his father, Hermes offering a smaller pair of winged sandals to Jester. Jester put them on and then stood up. He started flying. He wasn’t as skilled as Hermes but soon he was flying faster than the wind. Before Jester knew it he was at the top of Mount Olympus.

He said, “Lord Zeus, king of the gods and Queen Hera (at this point he turns and faces Hera) goddess of marriage and childbirth, I am the son of Hermes and the talented sorceress Circe and I come to ask permission to be the 13th Olympian.”and was granted permission to be the 13th Olympian if he found himself a symbol and realm. Immediately he started off down the mountain on his flying shoes.

When he got back down to level ground he walked to the nearest kingdom and found that there was a palace in the center of it so he walked over there & tried to sneak in to see the king. When he got to the gates he hopped them, but the bells on his hat made too much noise & the guards heard him so they arrested him. Jester was brought into court, but he was so entertaining they not only let him go but let him stay there & entertain them with just 2 masks & the hat with bells from before. He made them laugh so hard the king got a headache & a stomach ache.

Finally he went back to Mt. Olympus and became the god of jokes and riddles. His symbols are the jester hat and the drama masks which are the things that he situation in the first place. His job is to keep everybody happy, even the Olympians.He has the hardest job of all of them, keeping EVERYBODY happy.

Class 3T's performance of It's All Greek To Me:


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